This Time Last Year and Badnji Dan

Today is the 6th January and in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina its Christmas Eve 0r “Badnji Dan”.

I woke up this morning to a healthy burst (or three) of celebratory gunfire.

A bit of a shock, even though I should of expected it after all these years.

Badnji Dan.

The badnjak is an oak log or branch normally brought into the house and placed on the fire on the evening of Christmas Eve, much like a yule log in other European traditions.

Badnji Dan

We have, like many other people our badnjak outside the front door to welcome people.

The Badnjak “procession” has just passed by having, I think just been blessed at the Orthodox Church on the hill overlooking the village.

Some of you have remarked about the snow thats recently fallen here, so in this post I glance back at what we experienced this time last year and what we might be expecting in the not too distant future.

This time last year we had a lot DEEPER snow.

This Time Last Year and Badnji Dan