Banja Luka Chefs

Banja Luka Chefs

Fundraising for Banja Luka Chefs.

This post first appeared in An Englishman in the Balkans.

It would be amazingly naive of me to paint a picture of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an idyllic country that resembles paradise and somewhere everyone should visit in order to glimpse Shangri La.

The country is anything but.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a wealth of stunning scenery, heartfelt hospitality and a traditional and cultural attraction that most Western European countries have long lost.

It also has more than its fair share of dysfunctionality (I think I might have made that word up?)

Life’s community priorities are at sixes and sevens with each other.

Medical, Social, Educational …… the list is not exhaustive.

However, within all the chaos and confusion of this heart shaped country, some people are trying, in their own way, to make a difference. To improve something.

Predrag Tošić is a chef. He has his own TV show. He travels a lot. In many respects (by Balkan standards) he is successful.

He can afford to be selfish. Self-centred. Living a life that suits him and without too much stress.


He doesn’t.

He finds time to teach the next generation of chefs and restauranteurs. The teaching facilities he has to work in/with are less than perfect (I am making an understatement here) and it seems establishment figures don’t see the importance of purchasing new teaching equipment.

So Predrag’s decided that he’ll have to take on that responsibility.

The first step is a stab at fundraising.

What better way than getting his students to show what they can do already, and teasing donators and contributors as to what they could achieve with the support they deserve.

If you want, or feel you can help, wherever you are in the world, then touch base with Chef Predrag Tošić at:

The Balkans don’t need Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey.

They have Predrag Tošić.

Fundraising for Banja Luka Chefs