Possibly the Best Burger in Banja Luka

Possibly the Best Burger in Banja Luka.

The title of this post is a rather sweeping one.

One mans great burger is most probably, another’s shoe leather.

Anyway. Recently, Tamara suggested that we check out a restaurant she had found about in the centre of Banja Luka.


“Trezor” is a small but bright, spacious and tastefully decorated space (accessed down a spiral staircase) in a shopping area just behind Gospodska Street.


The atmosphere is relaxing and the music from the sound system is regional but unobtrusive.


The dishes offered on the menu isn’t the usual large (we offer almost everything) choice that is so very typical of most restaurants in the city. To me in particular that’s refreshing.


The prices are very very reasonable. The service is efficient, with the time from ordering to serving at the table kept at a minimum and the waiter who served us, extremely friendly and polite.


We chose a cheeseburger.

Whilst not a Banja Luka speciality (that’s for sure), the quality of the meat was good, not over cooked (as is so often the case) and the taste was really good. The presentation? First class.


If the meat had been “flame grilled”, as traditionally burgers should be, the meal would have been almost perfect.


I am sure will be returning to Trezor. Not only for the food but also because it has that vibe that makes it a good venue for small business meetings.

You can find Trezor on Facebook.

Possibly the Best Burger in Banja Luka