Our car is getting Expensive


Our car is getting expensive.

Living where we do in a small hamlet in the countryside, where there is no bus service and our nearest “kiosk” is just under a km away, transport is essential.

We have a car, so normally, no problem.

Until “IT” doesn’t work.

We drive a VW Golf (we like the Golf a lot).

Our current model (albeit a bit old now) has served us faithfully for the past 8 years or so.

Last year the engine decided to literally blow up on a trip to Serbia.

That was a costly repair and since then “little niggles” have become the norm.

Another has just costed a further €80 repair.

So it’s time to think of changing our former “trusty steed” and to consider funding options.

This better not compromise the purchase of my drone.


Our car is getting expensive.