It is what it is | Šta Je Tu Je

It is what it is | Šta Je Tu Je

It is what it is – Šta Je Tu Je.

So this is how it happened.

Although Tam and I did say we would eat healthier, eat at home, cut back on the booze, do a moderate level of fitness (and a zillion other things), today we decided to grab a quick lunch at our fave local eatery “Šta Je Tu Je” in Glamočani.

It is what it is | Šta Je Tu Je

Let’s face it.

The food’s cheap, of good quality and well, just great.

Not sure it’s totally healthy though!

I’ve blogged about this before.

I know.

Today I had wings and Tam had smoked turkey breasts.

Anyway, as we finished and asked for the bill, we were totally shocked when we were told it “was on the house”.

This is the absolute first time I have had a gratis meal for being viewed as a valued customer.


The occasional drink I’ve been given (as most of us have, right?), but never a meal.

How cool.

This made my day.

You can find Šta Je Tu Je  Svetosavska 102 Glamočani.
Tel. 066/010-888.
On the “old road” between Banja Luka and Laktaši, just as you come to the end of Glamočani.

Highly Recommended.


It is what it is | Šta Je Tu Je

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