Joe Coyle the “Stari Roker” | New Christmas Tracks and an Album in 2017.

Joe Coyle

Joe Coyle the “Stari Roker”.

I’m not sure how many fellow “Brits” have fallen in love with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I know a lot have fallen for the beautiful girls from the country, but for the country itself?

Not too many I would think.

For those that do however, I suppose that creates somewhat of an exclusive club?

Although no such club exists (or at least I think it doesn’t exist), a guaranteed member would be the “stari roker” that is Joe Coyle.

I first met Joe some 15 years ago and was impressed with his absolute love for both music and this area.

Joe Coyle
Joe has anything but a boring life having moved around the world, but he always gets back to Banja Luka.

Joe recently got in touch with the Banja Luka Blog to tell me about a special “one off” Christmas track he’s released and the new album and how he’s recorded some of the tracks in the local language.

Joe Coyle
“I had the idea to record a Christmas song some time ago and finally got round to completing it in October of this year”.

“I wrote an English version initially, but decided as I was releasing a new album for the Bosnian market I recorded a Bosnian version. And as I was not going to be in Bosnia until 2017 to promote the album this is an ideal opportunity to pass on my “Hello’s” to my fans.”

“The songs will be one offs, and I am not putting them on the album”.

So, what’s in the new album?

Title: “Lacu Noc” (Miracle Records) 2016

Joe Coyle

“The new album is made up of 10 original songs, co written with several Bosnian musicians. And an old sparring partner: Jim Lynch from Glasgow.

Track Listing:

1. “Down by the river to the sea” By: Joe Coyle & Arsen Carkic

2. “Indian Man” By: Joe Coyle & Boris Glisic

3. “No Reflection: By: Joe Coyle & Boris Glisic

4. “The Dealer always wins” By: Joe Coyle & James Lynch

5. “Let me come down”: By: Joe Coyle & James Lynch

6. “Everything I have to give”: By: Joe Coyle & Aleksander.Vlajsavljević

7. “Banja Luka” By: Joe Coyle & James Lynch

8. “Lacu noc” (moj ljubavi) By: Joe Coyle & James Lynch

9. “Cesarica” By: Gibonni (Courtesy of Croatia Records)

10. “Taxi drivers son” By: Joe Coyle & James Lynch

11.  “Country Boy” By: Joe Coyle & James Lynch

12. Znaš Li By: Draženka Jovacin

“As you can see I am including 2 Cover versions: “Znaš Li” By:  Prijedor Musician Draženka Jovacin (Which originally was to go on my first album “ Christmas in Baghdad” but never made the final cut at the time 2004)”.

“I am also covering Gibonni’s “Cesarica”, which is a Balkans classic made famous by Oliver Dragojevic, but with the Joe Coyle twist to it 🙂

“So the album will have English and Balkan vocals on it”.

“The album is a a mix of Pop rock ballads, and a bit of reggae for good measure”.

Joe Coyle the “Stari Roker”.


  1. Malcolm Turner

    I take issue with Mr Coyle on the assumption that in Bosnia only few Englishman will have fallen in love with the country I and many of my colleagues who carried out humanitarian work during the early 90,s were lucky enough to have seen almost all of Bosnia and Herzegovina and we found an achingly beautiful country. With a little pathos we would describe the country as one of mountains and fast flowing rivers, of widows and one legged men. But from Banja Luka and Tuzla in the North to Goradze and Mostar in the south the country has on paralleled attraction

    • Hello Malcom,

      Firstly thanks so much to taking the time to comment.

      Secondly, what I tried to say in my post (and I am not the best writer in the world) was that most “Englishmen” (read Brits as well) aren’t ‘au fait’ with the country and to some of those who served here during the conflict, well, it was just another deployment.

      Many many Brits did fall in love with the amazing beauty of the place. Thats for sure.

      Glad to find another. You.

      Wishing you all the best, and Malcom, if you are ever back in this “neck of the woods” it would be great to meet up for a pivo or three.

      Yours Aye


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