The Lovački Restoran

Lovački Restoran

The Lovački Restoran.

This weekend, Tamara and I decided to have dinner at one of our all time fave restaurants situated just outside the city limits of Banja Luka.

Although tucked out of the way near the Trapist Monastery, the Lovački Restoran is the most amazing place.

Unlike all the other restaurants in the area, that have menus that are “variations on a theme”, the “Lovački” offers an authentic “Game Menu”.

As well as the more traditional Wild Boar, Venison, Duck etc, they also offer Bear.

The Bosnian Bear has made a comeback, some 20 odd years after the conflict that drove them into Slovenija and other neighbouring countries.

The bear is now hunted as part of a very regulated regime of conservation.

The authenticity of the entire menu is astounding.

The tastes are exquisite.

Top that with experienced and knowledgeable waiters, you are 100% in a Balkan Heaven.

A MUST place to visit.

Let us know if you mange to get there and more importantly, share your experiences in the comments below 🙂

The Lovački Restoran