Rakija Weekend

Rakija Weekend

Rakija Weekend.

It’s that time of year again, when almost every family in the area, distills fruit down into Rakija.

I swear that Balkan people prefer to “drink” their fruit rather than eat it 🙂

Many years ago, when I first tasted šljivovica (plum rakija), the burning sensation it created as I swallowed that initial mouthful, didnt provide the most positive reaction to something so cultural and traditional.

Over the following decade and a half, I have definitely grown accustomed to the nuances of drinking the various kinds of Rakija that’s offered.

Rakija Weekend

This year the weather hasn’t been too kind to those “baking the Rakija” on my neighbours property. Apart from the initial day, it’s for the most part, been miserable, cold, wet.

Nevertheless, they have started each day just after 7 in the morning and finished late into the evening, working under “jury rigged” external lighting.

Manual work all the way.

Our fruit harvest wasn’t the best this year, but even so, the “Happy Machine” has produced 240 litres this year.


Rakija Weekend