OK. My Hands are Up!

The last time I posted on this blog could have been as far back as June?

Does that seem about right?

Whatever. It’s been a good few months. My bad!

I am going through that period of my life at the monent where, it’s time to re-evaluate and re-focus, or even re-prioritise.

I am a few short months away from retirement and life simply has to change.

My life goals are changing, and I really need to cut back, cut down, on how things have been, and to take things slower.

By the way this is all so much easier said than done. Well for me it is.

I love to create vlogs and, I also like to blog, albeit I can’t write for toffee.

I started “An Englishman in the Balkans” years ago. Part diary, part ramble, no real direction, hardly any readership, but fun to do.

It then struck me that I wrote a lot about Banja Luka. Hardly “Balkans” in the greater sense.

To redress that. I bought this domain name with the aim to just publish about Banja Luka.

So here we are. A blog that’s been coughing and spluttering for the past year or so.

OK, what’s changing?

I am now going to post at least weekly and talk about Banja Luka, in the way I see things. Nothing political, nothing controversial, as that’s not me to me honest.

I could I think, be the only native English speaker dedicating a blog to the city. I don’t know. I am sure someone will let me know pretty quickly though if I am wrong.

Here then, is the re-launch post for the Banja Luka Blog.

Please subscribe if you would like to, but more importantly, let me know what you would like me to write about, AND when I am getting things wrong.

A huge thanks the in advance.