Saturday Stroll in Banja Luka

Saturday Stroll in Banja Luka

Saturday Stroll in Banja Luka.

It’s the 27th of January and it’s UNBELIEVABLY warm today.

Not your typical Winter weather for the Western Balkans that’s for sure.

Global Warming has certainly arrived here, having said that I can see smatterings of snow up on the high ground overlooking the city.

Although I have known Banja Luka for over 19 years now, there are still places that I have glimpsed at from afar, but never actually walked.

So today I have decided to walk everywhere in the city over the coming months and years.

It will be like a challenge, but just for me 🙂

First steps are a stroll by the River Vrbas near the Kastel in Banja Luka.

Saturday Stroll in Banja Luka

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