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snakes in banja luka

Snakes in Banja Luka.

These past few weeks have been extremely hot here.

Temperatures up in the early 30’s a lot of the time.

Walking down to the river near us here in the village, or in anything other than freshly mown, short grass, I am constantly being reminded of the need to be conscious of the presence of snakes.

The snakes however, seem to have been migrating to urban areas at the moment.

In the centre of Banja Luka, snakes have been revealing themselves.

Recently a snake, more than a meter and a half long has been photographed hanging in the chestnut trees near the main post office.

snakes in banja luka

Another, probably a viper, was photographed in Mladen Stojanovic park.

snakes in banja luka

Although not often seen in Banja Luka city centre, snakes are normally active around the houses and other buildings.

Especially those situated along the banks of the river Vrbas and its tall grass and bushes.

Snakes in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, are normally not poisonous.

Having said that, the local health authority says it has sufficient quantities of serum against snake venom such as viper.

The last time snakes were seen in any significant numbers in Banja Luka was back in 2014, when flooding displaced them from their habitat.

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snakes in banja luka