Snow Grind

Snow Grind

Snow Grind.

A heavy overnight downfall of snow, compounded by 14 hours of no electricity.

Clearing the snow as soon as possible and whenever possible, keeps our mobility options open.

Such is “Living the Dream”.

We are definitely into that time of year in Bosnia and Herzegovina when snow is becoming the dominant weather feature.

I can’t remember experiencing many White Christmases over the past 14 years, but I can tell you that the exceedingly cold and snowy months have been Januarys’ and February’s.

With the effects of Global Warming (Yes, I do subscribe to that phenomena), we are now having a much shorter (but still extreme) winter, an even shorter Autumn leading in and more pleasant Springs’ followed by ever hotter Summers.

Our rural village, although only 6 kms distant from the nearest small “town” (population 6,460) has:

A single track road.

No public or private bus route (there is a dedicated twice daily bus pickup for the primary and secondary schools in “town”). We recently got a bus shelter.

Intermittent mains electricity (we still suffer unplanned power outages a few times per week).

No shops. We have a small kiosk about a kilometre away and a very small supermarket 2.5 kms away.

The is landline telephone, but to be honest everyone uses mobiles. Landline internet is, to be honest, slow and weak. Oh! and not the cheapest either.

We do get from the municipality, an efficient garbage collection and, during periods of snow, a good road clearance plan.

2016 saw us get extended street lighting.

It’s not London W14 where I was born, but, crazily, I love it here!

Snow Grind