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Impressions of Banja Luka | October 2017.

Impressions of Banja Luka

Impressions of Banja Luka. I think that my views on both living here in the Western Balkans, and the greater Banja Luka area in particular, are quite well known. I… Read More

Remembering the 1969 Earthquake.

Banja Luka 1969 Earthquake

Banja Luka 1969 Earthquake. Today, October 27th 2017, is a mild autumnal day here in the Western Balkans. As I look out of the window there are partly cloudy skies,… Read More

Vahida Maglajlić | Heroine from Banja Luka.

Vahida Maglajlić,

‎Vahida Maglajlić. Heroine from Banja Luka. As you walk towards the centre of Banja Luka from the area of Mladen Stojanović park, and down the tree lined King Peter 1… Read More