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Joe Coyle the “Stari Roker” | New Christmas Tracks and an Album in 2017.

Joe Coyle

Joe Coyle the “Stari Roker”. I’m not sure how many fellow “Brits” have fallen in love with Bosnia and Herzegovina. I know a lot have fallen for the beautiful girls from the country, but for the country itself? Not too many I would think. For those that do however, I suppose that creates somewhat of […]


Šljivovica and Baking Rakija.

Baking Rakija

Baking Rakija. Distilling Fruit in the Balkans. It made me think or maybe realise that people in some countries don’t seem to eat their fruit. Some prefer to drink it. Every year around late October to late December, everyone (it seems like everyone) in the countryside has been distilling their fruit harvests into strong alcohol. […]