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Rakija Weekend

Rakija Weekend

Rakija Weekend. It’s that time of year again, when almost every family in the area, distills fruit down into Rakija. I swear that Balkan people prefer to “drink” their fruit… Read More

Remembrance Day in Banja Luka.

Remembrance Day in Banja Luka

Remembrance Day in Banja Luka. Remembrance or “Armistice” Day, has been a feature of my life since I can remember. Most of the male members of my family had served… Read More

Impressions of Banja Luka | October 2017.

Impressions of Banja Luka

Impressions of Banja Luka. I think that my views on both living here in the Western Balkans, and the greater Banja Luka area in particular, are quite well known. I… Read More