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Hristos se rodi – Serbian Orthodox Christmas

Serbian Orthodox Christmas

Serbian Orthodox Christmas. Its the 7th of January. Christmas Day in the Serbian Orthodox Church Calendar. We are in Banja Luka at Tamara’s parents apartment. Its just past midday and we are just about to break Česnica, traditional Christmas Bread. The table is set for Christmas Lunch. Everything is home made. Nothing, apart from the […]


This Time Last Year and Badnji Dan

Today is the 6th January and in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina its Christmas Eve 0r “Badnji Dan”. I woke up this morning to a healthy burst (or three) of celebratory gunfire. A bit of a shock, even though I should of expected it after all these years. Badnji Dan. The badnjak is an […]


The First of My Two 2016 Christmases.

My Two 2016 Christmases

The first of my two 2016 Christmases. Zimzograd in Banja Luka, means that the Christmas season has started in this part of South East Europe. Christmas is a time, well especially for me, that’s totally nostalgic. I have always enjoyed this particular time of year. Not because of presents and other material things but more […]